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Installation Drawing of 400 KW Yuchai Generator Set

In the afternoon of November 8, 2018, I will go to Daye, Hubei Province to talk about a project. I booked tickets from my mobile phone at 10 a.m. Now the network is really convenient, but there are also unexpected situations that you can not imagine. After lunch break, I used the high-speed rail ticket to Wuhan at 4 p.m. I left at 3:30 p.m. with my traveling bag on my back. I took a taxi to the railway station at the gate of my neighborhood. I waited by the roadside for 25 minutes. No taxi came, but I was frightened. What's wrong with the taxi? No taxi at all. Is that the right time for me? The truck is leaving in half an hour. I also have to go to the self-service ticket collection point to collect tickets. Usually I always drive by myself. I know there are drip-drip taxis, but I have never used them. I am in a hurry to find a friend who has used drip-drip taxis. I quickly contact a drip-drip express. After five minutes, the drip-drip Express has called me and contacted me. The driver's service attitude is very good. After another two minutes, the driver's service attitude is very good. Hello, we exchanged greetings with each other and told him I was going to the railway station. Soon I arrived at the railway station. I trotted all the way to the self-help ticket gate and got the ticket. I rushed to the ticket gate. When I entered the waiting hall of Weifang Railway Station, I was sweating, panting and my legs were soft. Look at the cell phone, there are eight minutes to check tickets. Alas, I still lament the mobile network and fast social services, otherwise I would really miss the train. When I entered the waiting platform, I felt a little rested. At this time, I saw a silver-white snake slowly stopping in front of me from the east. Wow, the stopping position is almost the same as the station's marking position. The pointed head has a streamlined shape. The lamp is like the eyes of a silver snake, 14 carriages, such a long body of a snake. There is no good language to describe its appearance. & ldquo; Drop & rdquo; With a few sound hints, the door is open. Open automatically, get off first, wait for all the passengers to come down, I boarded the high-speed train, find their own way, but do not do high-speed bully man, when I booked tickets on the mobile phone, the booking software has seat function, I chose the seat near the window, so that I can feel the speed of moving more than 300 kilometers per hour. The high-speed railway shuts down the door under the gentle sound of prompts and starts to accelerate slowly. I start to look out of the window. I see the tree buildings outside the window move from slow to fast and backward. After reaching a steady speed, I see the LCD screen indicating that we want to travel at 306 km/h. I lament that the fastest means of transportation on land in the world is my Greater China's high-speed railway. The comfortable seat can be adjusted before and after. There is a small desktop behind the front seat. After putting it down, I put the glass away and see that the water in the glass is not shaking, but still so calm. It seems that our country's high-speed rail level is unparalleled in the world. There are several foreign friends in the front seat of the car, and they are also in & ldquo; OK & rdquo; speaking the language of their country as if they were Americans. Eyes full of praise and envy. The poor and backward China in their eyes now seems to have passed through their own efforts and struggles. Scientific and technological progress and comprehensive national strength now stand at the second place in the world. Their country is the first in the world. We have doubled our dreams of envying their country for not having such a fast and comfortable train and traveling thousands of miles a day. Nowadays, social development and progress are so rapid that our group of Post-70s can not keep up without learning. Arrive in Wuhan at 11 p.m., a little tired, find a place to rest for a night, talk about business tomorrow, see my little partner tomorrow. Let's talk about my next stop tomorrow.