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Jiangsu Real Estate Reserve Yuchai 300 KW Generator Unit has

        Jiangsu Real Estate ReserveYuchai 300 kW generating unit has confirmed receipt, which was sent to Jiangsu two days ago.Yuchai 300 kilowatt diesel generator set has confirmed receipt this morning. This is a standby power supply applied to the real estate industry. This customer has used Yuchai's unit. After using the machine, it has excellent energy-saving and environmental protection performance. It has won the praise of this customer. This time, Yuchai brand product was designated.
      Yuchai is one of the famous brands of domestic diesel generating sets. Its products are used all over the world, escorting the use of electricity in many industries. In addition to the real estate industry, Yuchai generating sets are also used in public utilities, medical education, transportation, industrial and mining enterprises, animal husbandry and other industries.