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 BeiNei Diesel Engine Company follows the business marketing concept of “ high quality, built in BeiNei, and shared globally ” and has successively developed B/F2L912, BF6L913C diesel engines by utilizing the advanced technology and performance of 912/913 air-cooler of Deutsche Company in Germany, realizing the full range production of products and forming diesel engine power from 12 kW to 141 kw.
Characteristics of air-cooled diesel generators:
Structural design is compact and easy to use and maintain.
There is no leakage, freezing cracking and scaling causing oil engine overheating and failure.
Strong environmental adaptability and high reliability.
The thermal state of the unit is stable and has little influence on the environment. It can work reliably in the temperature range of - 40 ~50%. It is suitable for cold, hot, desert, forest, plateau and water shortage areas.
Smooth operation, low noise, low vibration, good low temperature start-up performance
The noise and vibration are lower than those of water coolers because of the optimized shock absorber, advanced noise elimination and balance technology. Engine built-in air heater makes engine start at low temperature excellent.
Low exhaust emissions and low operating costs
The exhaust smoke is less than 1 Bosch unit and the fuel consumption is low.
"Beinei diesel engine company follow the" high quality, beinei made, global sharing "of the enterprise marketing idea, using the German way in accordance with the company 912/913 air cooling machine, advanced technology and performance, has developed the B/F2L912, BF6L913C type diesel engine, realized the full series of production, product form from 12 kw to 141 kw diesel engine power. Features of air-cooled diesel generators:
Compact structure design, easy maintenance
There is no leakage, frostbite and scale formation leading to oil engine overheating and failure.
Strong environmental adaptability, high reliability,
The thermal stable, affected by the environment is small, can in - 40 ~ + 50 temperature within the scope of work in a reliable way. Suitable for cold, hot, desert, forest, plateau, and water shortage areas.
Stable operation, low noise, low vibration, low temperature start-up performance
The optimized shock absorber, advanced noise abatement and balance technology are adopted to make the noise and vibration lower than the water cooler. The engine has a built-in air heater, which enables the engine to start at low temperature with excellent performance.
Low exhaust emissions, low operating costs
Smoke emission is less than 1 Bosch unit, low fuel consumption."

Unit type output power
Electric current
Type of Diesel Engine Cylinder number Cylinder diameter*stroke
Lubricating oil capacity
Oil consumption
Unit Outward Size
Unit weight
FM12KW 12 15 21.6 F2L912 2 100*120 6 200 1400*700*1000 460
FM20KW 20 25 36 F3L912 3 100*120 6 200 1500*700*1000 520
FM30KW 30 37.5 54 F4L912 4 100*120 10 200 1500*700*1100 600
FM30KW 30 37.5 54 F4L913 4 100*120 10 200 1500*700*1200 640
FM40KW 40 50 72 F4L912T 4 100*120 10 200 1500*700*1350 680
FM45KW 45 56.25 81 F6L912 6 100*120 15 205 2000*900*1400 800
FM50KW 50 62.5 90 F6L913 6 102*125 15 205 2000*900*1400 850
FM55KW 55 68.75 99 F6L912T 6 100*120 15 205 2000*900*1400 900
FM50KW 50 62.5 90 BF4L913Electric modulation 4 102*125 12 205 2200*1000*1550 720
FM75KW 75 93.75 135 BF6L913Electric modulation 6 102*125 18 205 2200*1000*1600 1050
FM100KW 100 125 180 BF6L913CElectric modulation 6 102*125 18 205 2200*1000*1650 1150
Note: Air-cooled diesel engine is air direct forced cooling, without water pump, water pipe, water tank and other components, cylinder block and cylinder head are split, without cooling water interlayer. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight.

1.The above technical parameters are 1500RPM, 50HZ frequency, rated voltage 400/230V, power factor 0.8, connection mode is three-phase four-wire.
2.Generators can choose well-known brands such as Shanghai Stanford, Shanghai Marathon and Wuxi Stanford according to customers'needs.
3.The 60HZ generator set can be customized according to the special needs of customers.
4.This parameter table is for reference only. Any change is not notified.

Standard configuration Standard equipment
Engine diesel engine
Alternator alternator
radiator water cooled radiator
Industrial silencer, bellows industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose
Start Maintenance-free Battery and Battery Connection Line maintenance-free lead-acid starting batteries and battery connect wires
Output Circuit Breaker output circuit breaker
Intelligent Control Screen digital control panel
Steel underframe steel base frame

Optional configuration Optional equipment
Low Noise Silence Cabinet Low noise silent case
Four-wheeled mobile trailer power station Four-wheel mobile trailer power station
Self-starting and Self-switching Switchgear Self - start, self - conversion switch cabinet
Automatic Parallel Machine Control System automatic parallel operation control system
Electrothermal water jacket heater electrothermal water jacket heater